Twitch and MJ – Weekdays – 6am-10am

Twitch has been the Z Rock Morning Show host since arriving in Lexington in 2004. He is not only the host of a top rated morning show, but also is a husband,  a dad of 2 boys, a former chef, an accomplished woodworker, a legendary love maker, and a man whose quantifiable talents are only outweighed by his exceedingly high self esteem. All of this is impressive considering Twitch deals with having a “junk brain.”

Twitch grew up in the gentlemen’s club capital of the world, Tampa Florida, and his career in radio began there in 1997 as an intern who just wouldn’t shut up. He has been on the air in Dallas, Tampa, San Francisco, Detroit and Orlando, as well as Lexington. And spent years as a syndicated morning host on Rock stations all across the country. If you want to know any other AMAZING things about him, just ask… because he LOVES to talk about all of his accomplishments.


MJ has been in the Lexington radio scene for about 20 years and is not only adorable but also an ordained minister and Kentucky Kernel. She is probably the most fun person on the planet, like way more fun than her co-host Twitch. She is so funny, smart and adorable some people wonder how she does it. Honestly, no one knows, it remains a mystery.

She is a University of Kentucky graduate with a major in Communications, and a minor in Appalachian history. She enjoys anything related to Appalachian, Egypt or Radio, taking roads trips, playing with her pets, and shopping. Her shopping could be considered an addiction to some in her circle, but those people aren’t any fun.  MJ has always been a proud KY girl and is grateful to have been given the opportunity to do what she loves in a state she adores.