Twitch and MJ – Weekdays – 6am-10am

Twitch and the Z Rock Morning Show

The Ringmaster of Z Rock 103 Mornings… Twitch grew up in the strip club capital of the world; Tampa, Florida. His first job was cooking BBQ outside of one of these fine establishments. Twitch got into radio by relentlessly prank calling the evening DJ until he finally had enough, and asked me to produce his show. Now He’s married, hastwo little kids, and passes the time with craft beer and fine bourbon. He also like to cook, box and sleep… when the kids let him.

r MJ is a proud Kentucky girl. Although she was born on the Dover Delaware Air force Base, she was raised in eastern KY. She spent her teenage years dreaming of moving beyond her small town life, and as soon as she graduated she moved to Orlando FLA to attend Full Sail. After three years away from her home state she moved back to KY and started attending college. MJ has been in the Lexington radio scene for 15 years, is an ordained minister, a Kentucky Kernel, a lifetime honorary member of the Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters, and was voted “sexiest radio personality” by ACE readers. She is a University of Kentucky graduate with a major in Communications, and a minor in Appalachian history. She enjoys anything related to Appalachian, Egyptian or Radio history, taking roads trips, playing with her dog piggy, shooting guns, and shopping. Her shopping could be considered an addiction to some in her circle. MJ has always been a proud KY girl and is grateful to have been given the opportunity to do what she loves in a state she adores.

Monkey boy:

It was a cold and dark day in June… nothing particularly odd about that day except the Washington Generals beat the Globetrotters, cats did dogs doggy style… and in a hospital/lean to in Southern Indiana, a monkey was brought into the world by seemingly ‘human’ parents.  His parents knew that he was special when he tried talk his babysitter into making out with another chick.His Grandmother would never babysit for him again.Fast-forward many years, MonkeyBoy has now landed here at Z Rock 103 and is still trying to get chicks to make out.  Feel free to TWEET requests or naked pictures of your girlfriend (+18 please) to Monkey Boy on Twitter.


Party Patty:
Patrick gave himself the nickname “Party Patty” hoping it would stick. And it did, but he is the only one who uses it. We don’t know a lot about him, and that’s how we like it.