What Are Twitch And MJ Talking About?


Today on The Twitch and MJ Show:
Woman accused of attacking room mates with Frying Pan, Broomstick, Knife, and AXE! Sounds like overkill to me.  CLICK HERE

Make SURE your zoom call is off before you take your little buddy out for a spin… CLICK HERE

Grandma CHASES DOWN purse thief


Woman uses her THONG as a mask at grocery store!



There are MONSTERS among us! CLICK HERE

American Airlines flight has UFO encounter? CLICK HERE

Do the new Postal Trucks look like they were designed by PIXAR? CLICK HERE

Could there be a Happy Gilmore 2 in the works? We can only hope! CLICK HERE

Popeyes is now trolling Taco Bell for trying to get into the chicken sandwich wars. CLICK HERE






Woman in Georgetown making national news for her unfortunately timed tattoo… CLICK HERE

Angus Young came up with “Highway To Hell” on the TOILET? CLICK HERE

Canadians asked to stop building EROTIC SNOWMEN… CLICK HERE

What baby names will come out of the pandemic? This vid probably isn’t too far off…

@elementarymrskellyI think we can all say this is a real possibility #teachingin2040 #iteach #teacherhumor #teachinginapandemic #elementarymrskelly♬ original sound – ……..slime man



Nuns gets busted for violating quarantine, For going to Exorcism! CLICK HERE

You can hear the first recorded sounds from MARS!!!! CLICK HERE

Man raises money by drawing penises as he jogs… CLICK HERE


Dude Pull Off Epic Fart Pranks…

@allforpranksCatching people off guard 😂😂 #fypシ #viral #sharter #fyp #pranks♬ original sound – allforpranks



Two women dress as old ladies to get vaccine! CLICK HERE

Woman bites off man’s tongue during street fight, spits it out, seagull EATS IT! CLICK HERE

COCAINE frosted shipment of cereal stopped by customs in Cincinnati. CLICK HERE

Are the MUPPETS too offensive now? CLICK HERE

Sore loser on game show throws tantrum, wrecks set!


Today on The Twitch and MJ Show:    02/19/21

New life forms found under Antarctica, could be 10,000 years old! CLICK HERE

Woman’s ass attacked by bear hiding under outhouse! CLICK HERE

Dolly Parton turns down statue, truly is the person you want her to beCLICK HERE

Science has chosen the most hated band of all time, and it’s Nickelback.  CLICK HERE

Here is the Eminem / ELO Mr. Blue Sky mash up from this morning.


Today on The Twitch and MJ Show:    02/18/21

Watch the Mars Rover Land today at 2:25 CLICK HERE

Read about the Crazy, Drunken night when Jennifer Love Hewitt hung out with Betty White CLICK HERE

Cheating Man court order to split time between wife and girlfriend… Flees! CLICK HERE

Two men pose as US Marshals to get out of wearing masks… Get arrested. CLICK HERE



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Watch the Trailer for the Biggie Doc.